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Marduk and Robin Radar join forces!

During the last week of September Marduk Technologies and Robin Radar participated together at EW live C-UAS demonstration at Tartu, Estonia. At the event the companies successfully demonstrated drone detection and countering capabilities with real-world scenarios created by EW Live event organizer Tangent Link.

As a result Marduk Technologies and Robin Radar came to an agreement to collaborate on offering a combined counter drone platform.

Marduk Technologies CEO Martin Simon emphasized that “It is evident that as drones come in a large variety of setups, the best way to detect, confirm and act against adverse drones is through a modular multi-sensor system.”


Marduk Technologies is an Estonian technology company providing the world class electro-optical Anti Drone platform Marduk Shark. Marduk Shark is a multi-layered modular platform, which utilizes patent pending AI/ML algorithms to detect, recognize and target a variety of small to medium sized autonomous aircraft. The platform integrates a set of sensors and effectors: electro-optical detection and targeting, early detection radar and RF detector, as well as jammers and lasers. Automatic integration with different effectors and existing sensors as turn key solutions is possible.

Marduk has been awarded an Estonian MoD grant, actively participating in various European development programs, participated in NATO military exercises and used in NATO airbase in Ämari.

The Netherlands based Robin Radar Systems BV (hereafter “ROBIN”) develops systems to detect, track and classify small flying objects like birds, micro/mini UAV’s or ‘drones’ by combining smart software with own purpose build affordable radars ( ROBINs purpose build IRIS Drone Detection, Classification and Tracking radar (hereafter "IRIS") covers an Area of Interest (AoI) of 360 degrees azimuth and 60 degrees in elevation. The IRIS comes standard with own stand-alone intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and ICD/XML description for seamless integration into existing Command & Control (C2) security infrastructures systems. (

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