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Marduk Progresses to the Top 3 in Frontex's Prize Award Contest on Detection of Low Flying Objects

Marduk Technologies is proud to announce its achievement of securing a top-three position in the second phase of the Prize Award Contest organized by Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, which focuses on the detection of low flying objects.

From an initial submission pool of 21 unique proposals, the contest saw 10 cutting-edge technologies advance to the second phase. Following an exhaustive technical review and evaluation, the top five participants, in alphabetical order, were recognized:

  • DAT CON d. o. o.

  • Dedrone GmbH

  • FLIR Systems AB (Teledyne FLIR)

  • Marduk Technologies


Each of these top-five entities has been awarded a monetary prize of EUR 50,000.

The esteemed top three, inclusive of DAT CON d. o. o., FLIR Systems AB (Teledyne FLIR), and Marduk Technologies, will be proceeding to the pivotal third and final phase: the operational trials. Set at the Ridali Airfield in Estonia, the trials spanning from 16 September to 6 October 2023 will offer participants the stage to showcase their groundbreaking technologies in a simulated real-world environment. Additionally, a live demonstration is slated for 27 September 2023, where delegates from Frontex, EU Agencies and Institutions, and Member States can experience firsthand the technologies' capabilities against real-world low-flying object challenges.

Marduk Technologies, driven by its AI/ML-based C-UAS, has continuously showcased innovation, adaptability, underlined by multi-layer and multi-sensor architectures, making it a top contender in the realm of low flying object detection and identification.

We extend our congratulations to all the contestants for their innovative solutions and thank Frontex for providing such a platform to demonstrate technological advancements in the field. Marduk Technologies eagerly anticipates the operational trials and remains committed to fortifying border security and protection. About Marduk Technologies

Marduk Technologies is a technology company, providing world-class C-UAS based on AI/ML advanced algorithms and automatic integration with different effectors as turnkey solutions for end-users. Marduk has been awarded an Estonian MoD and EDF grants, and has also participated in NATO exercises. Marduk aims to contribute to enhanced border security and protection.

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