Targeting the Next Generation of UAV-s

As the computer vision advances, the current, RF-interception 

and jamming based methods for discovering and 

incapacitating UAVs are being obsoleted. Marduk has 

developed an alternative mid-range UAV detection, tracking 

and high-precision targeting system Marduk Shark. 

What is Marduk Shark?

The current affordable systems depend on intercepting and jamming the radio-frequency communications between the UAV and the operator. 


This assumption is already violated by the advances in computer vision, enabling the UAVs to accomplish their missions in radio silence.


Marduk is developing a mobile/portable solution for mid-range (1...5km) UAV detection, tracking and targeting. It is based on sensor fusion, taking advantage of the latest machine learning algorithms, COTS hardware and non-ITAR elements.

Detects unwanted drones up to 2km away
Identifies object & starts tracking
Disables CMOS/
able to carry drone-killing laser. 
Automated detection
of suspicious flying 

Marduk Shark features

Automatic detection of suspicious flying object

Automatic verification of suspicious flying object

Automatic tracking & continuous high precision targeting

Able to carry direct energy effectors (demo system with laser blinding), potential for kinetic effectors


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