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Marduk Joins the EDF STORE Defence Project

We're excited to announce our involvement in the STORE project, coordinated by Thales and supported by the European Defence Fund. This initiative aims to enhance Europe's defense capabilities against modern threats through advanced technology.

Our role in this initiative focuses on these key areas:

  • developing innovative computer vision models

  • generating synthetic machine learning data

  • gathering and labelling military object data


The STORE project is crucial as it develops Europe’s first extensive, shared database of defense imagery, focusing on enhancing the capabilities of optronic sensors integrated with AI to counter rapidly evolving threats like drone swarms and hypersonic missiles. This initiative is set to transform how land forces perceive and react on the battlefield by improving situational awareness and speeding up decision-making processes, which is very important in today’s complex threat environment.

For more information regarding the project:

Stay tuned as we continue moving forward in this important defense technology project!

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