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New C-UAS Partnership: Marduk Technologies and Saab

We are thrilled to announce a major partnership that's a big step forward in our journey in drone defence technology. Marduk Technologies has officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Saab, a renowned leader in the defense and security industry. This collaboration is a leap forward in our continuous effort to enhance global security landscapes.

Photo: Camilla Svensk

A United Vision Against Emerging Threats

With technology developing quickly, the increase in unmanned aerial system use brings new challenges that need modern solutions.

Our CEO, Toomas Pruuden, joined hands with Saab’s Chief Strategy Officer for Surveillance, Linus Rydberg, to ink this important agreement. The MoU highlights our shared commitment to research and development, particularly in integrating AI with highly interoperable C-UAS systems.

Expert Insights

During the signing, Carl-Johan Bergholm, Saab’s Head of Business Area Surveillance, highlighted the importance of this partnership: "The MoU is the next step in our work to help our customers meet future threats from drones. Marduk Technologies will add new competence to our established capabilities." We see this partnership as a powerful synergy that combines Marduk’s innovative approach to drone technology with Saab’s strong defence frameworks.

Looking Forward

We are excited about the future of this partnership. It is not only about technology development but fostering a long-term relationship that promises mutual growth and learning.

Together with Saab, we move forward with a commitment to quality and innovation in the defence industry, so stay tuned!

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